Unity App Implementation

The Unity Developer’s role was to create an easy to use gym app that would house the AR component, while showing off other features of the App. This would involve working with both the UX and Game Designers in the team, with the app being a culmination of the design work they had produced turned […]

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Concerns with Rewards

As I am wrapping up my rewards system, it is apparent that there are some areas of concerns when it comes to giving physical rewards, that I felt I should address here: As with any system that swaps rewards for real life currency, there is always a danger of users abusing the system to gain […]

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AR Implementation & Issues

Superimposing an animation onto a Vuforia target was a major milestone of my work on this project. From the beginning, imposing a simple provided Unity Model was proving a lot more difficult than anticipated. The Jack model provided would not rest on the target but instead float around a meter above it whilst flickering and […]

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3D Animation Preview

Another two animations were created for the App use as the previous animation was edited to match the appropriate movement. Also additional feature of clothing was added to the 3d models by [Wrap Deforming] the clothes into the body mesh. The first two animations will be used to demonstrate the card workouts after scanning them […]

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Wireframes V2

Download full resolution here Updates: Workout Data selection – modify exercises in a workout group Choose which workout data to view via dropdown Select whether to scan a machine or card once camera is tapped Behaviour after machine scan (will pop up after the user has watched the video) behaviour after card scan (floor and weights) […]

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Colour style guide

I have created the colour palette for InvisiGym based on the research conducted with users. The colours used are vibrant and uplifting (orange and teal) but also strong and calming (various shades of blue).   The colour turquoise can be self-centered, tuning in to its own needs above all others. At the same time, it […]

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